How To Help


The need is great. There are over 300,000 homeless families in the Canada. But the need doesn’t end there: more than 1 million children are living in low-income families!

Many of the most vulnerable children and adults don’t have access to free clothing. Even with help, many people have to choose between rent, food, or clothing. Usually clothing is the last on the list. There are many instances of children coming to school in sandals, shorts and a t-shirt in winter when it snows because they don’t have jackets, boots and even socks and underwear in many cases. Currently there are no large scale clothing programs which provide FREE clothing.

Help On Wheels provides FREE new and lightly used clothing, jackets, gloves and footwear to vulnerable children and adults. This year there are over 112 planned events that will connect with 20,154 children, adults, and seniors and we will distribute over 120,000 pieces of clothing, jackets, gloves, shoes and boots.


Volunteers are our most important resource. The volunteers who are involved with Help On Wheels are amazing men, women, & youth who are positively impacting local communities through the generous giving of their passion, energy and expertise.

Help On Wheels Volunteers:

• Create positive change in their community
• Make a difference by helping improve people’s lives
• Learn about their community
• Enjoy social interaction / meet new people
• Expand their professional network
• Pursue professional growth and development
• Complete education or work experience requirements
• Create employment skills
• Have FUN!


Clothing-donation needs include: school clothes, coats and other cold-weather accessories, professional clothing for employment interviews, and shoes, which wear out quickly and must be replaced often, especially among growing children.

Donated clothes are critical for mothers or fathers with young children who must flee their homes because of domestic violence, abuse or political unrest. Often these adults and children leave under dangerous circumstances with only the clothes on their back

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