Help On Wheels offers a number of programs that serve the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley Regions such as:

Clothes on Wheels provides FREE new and lightly used clothing, jackets, gloves and footwear to vulnerable children, youth, adults, and seniors.  This year there are over 112 planned events that will connect with 20,154 children, youth, seniors and adults and we will distribute over 120,000 pieces of clothing, jackets, gloves, shoes and boots. Clothes On Wheels distributes 100% of the clean usable clothing and footwear donated directly to those in need for FREE!

Clothes On Wheels utilizes a “mobile store” model that travels directly to the people in need providing the clothing they need, when they need it,  and where it is easy to access.  In many cases,  the events are held in the local community school gyms where parents and others in the community can “shop” for the right items they need for free.  Clothes on Wheels can also operate the store right from the transport trailer, providing easy access right at street level.  The program is currently partnered with 122 schools from Vancouver to Chilliwack

Food On Wheels is a unique program that visits over 1000 individuals in their homes WEEKLY and provides fresh perishable and non-perishable food & more. The weekly in-home program does more than just deliver food, it delivers hope.


Harvest Box is a program that has been bringing fresh vegetables and fruit to people for over 15 years! The program was developed to encourage healthy eating, educate people on the benefits of consuming vegetables and fruit daily, provide value added vegetables and fruit and support local BC farms. In additional the proceeds of the program go to help people in need in local communities across Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. (click here for more info).

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